Leading Ladies of Tango An Exterme Tango Production 20-woman all female Argentine Tango Program, the largest full-feature tango show ever produced. Tango has for over 100 years been considered the realm of male domination, no mas. In San Francisco and New York two movements lead by some of the best female tango dancers in the United States are turning this concept on it head. Tango Mujer, in New York since 1999, and San Francisco's Tango Con*Fusión, in 2004, have each developed their own unique blend of modern and traditional dance movements mixed with the energy, sensuality, and emotion of the Argentine tango. These two groups now wish to combine their effort into one never-before-performed all-female tango experience. This is not the tango of yesteryear, it not even the tango of yesterday; it is the tango of now.





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Leading Ladies of Tango

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